The appalling Victorian state Liberal member for Kew, Tim Smith1, hit the headlines last year when he crashed his car into a house while driving with almost three times the legal blood-alcohol limit (breath test reading of 0.131)2. Because of ordure he got himself into, he has said he will be leaving politics at the next Victorian state election2, which is due in November this year, in a little over two months3

As most people will know, one of the ‘Teal Independents’, Monique Ryan, defeated former Liberal Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, for the federal seat of Kooyong. When she was asking a question of the current Health Minister in parliament, some Coalition parliamentarians were interjecting. She pointed at them and said “put your masks on”4. There was uproar from the Coalition that a woman would have the gall to tell one of the clueless suits of the Coalition what to do.

Being a Liberal, Tim Smith, known online fairly regularly as ‘Dim Tim’ because of his car accident, obviously saw a picture of Monique Ryan at a football game where she was smiling at the camera, and he thought ‘I can score some political points from this’. So, he juxtaposed an August 1 image of Ryan pointing at the Coalition interjector with the caption “put your masks on”, with the August 21 image where Ryan is at the football. The image was attached to the tweet from Smith which read: 

“The teal MP for Kooyong is great at waving her finger at others but is slightly inconsistent isn’t she!”5

The fact that the football was held outside did not seem to make an impression on him. However, others did notice. In one of the best ‘burns’ (Twitter lingo for making a fool of someone) was from a person with the Twitter handle @bee_9260. She replied to Smith’s tweet with: 

“Do you know the difference between inside and outside? Clearly not since you tried to put a car in someone’s house.”6

I laughed so hard I almost spilled my pre-dinner glass of plonk.




  • Laurie says:

    If you haven’t seen it, find the presser he gave after crashing his car. Described by one wag as his second car crash in week while drunk. Where do they find these people?

    • admin says:

      It seems to be a problem with the Liberal Party. For some reason they seem to attract the vacuous time-servers who are in it not to actually do anything, but to do precisely nothing, except rake in the salary and any other cash they can rustle up.

  • Russell says:

    Sir Admirable ADMIN, tut-tut and by golly-gosh old bean, you should have been well aware already, that His Solemn-Toned Majesty of the “SQUARE” Table, the King of Warringah Shire or somewhere in a galaxy close, close by there, is both your Rhetoric Master and your unforgivingly strict House Master in matters linguistical, orthological and mathematical !
    I am schl / ocked at your dereliction of a serious duty to uphold Blottworthy College’s motto “TOUJOURS RESPECTUEUX”, which led you to assume the Letters and Numbers portfolio in so cavalier a manner, strangely not unlike the arrogance of one now disgraced former student called Scomo, namely, Lord Chamberlain of the farcical court of Caract-aberra-tactacus. Otherwise called by a be/amused nation, Federal FARTLAMENT.
    I sentence you to be given six [ lessons ] of the best with a birch branch wielded by his aforesaid Albionic Majesty.

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