As has been widely reported former Prime Minister Scott Morrison was sworn in as assorted ministers mostly without his colleagues’ knowledge1. Morrison’s lust for secrecy immediately makes one suspicious. His accumulation of ministerial appointments (health, finance, industry, science, energy and resources, home affairs and treasury) could have passed with little comment if he had been open about them. However, his post-hoc explanation that it was to cover for ministers being wiped out by Covid-19 does not hold water, as several ministers have been sidelined over the life of the Morrison prime ministership (commonly through their own misdeeds), and Morrison did not see fit to acquire their portfolios2.

Leader of the Opposition, Peter Dutton, in his ignorance of what was going on, simply reiterated Morrison’s defence in insisting that ‘doubling up’ would ensure additional ‘checks and balances’ in cabinet during the pandemic, when potential government powers and expenditure were high and the future was uncertain. Patrick Weller, emeritus professor of politics at Griffith University, an expert on cabinet government, called this defence “bullshit”. He added that if that was true why was he not the minister for other portfolios3. Why not foreign affairs, trade, communications, social services, employment and education? Also, why weren’t other ministers (Dutton? Frydenberg? Tudge? Fletcher?) employed to ‘double up’ with those administering some of the portfolios not acquired by Morrison?

The Liberal Party response is fractured, with Karen Andrews calling for Morrison to resign from parliament, while leader of the opposition Peter Dutton has not, simply believing that the media and the government should just get over it and move on4.

At least some of the menagerie at Murdoch’s Sky News have been less keen to move on. Fruitcake Andrew Bolt said Morrison has “embarrassed his party” in a scandal that continues to become “even more bizarre”. “What Morrison did was outrageous … Every Liberal should be ashamed that it takes a Labor Prime Minister of the socialist left [snigger!] to warn them against letting a prime minister centralise power in himself”5.Ludicrously incompetent former Prime Minister Tony Abbott also appeared on Sky News and stated that Morrison’s acquisition of ministries was “highly unconventional, highly unorthodox and shouldn’t have happened”6. Hypocrisy incarnate, former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, also on Sky News, attacked Morrison’s ministerial acquisitiveness, stating that it was a “breach of longstanding norms”7.

Given that these people have been constant supporters of the Morrison government, at least until it was hammered at the most recent federal election, then why have they had a change of heart? It is not like they have any principles, or a concern for longstanding conventions, or even a concern for Australian democracy. This is about none of these; it is about the future electability of the Coalition parties. Murdoch, and many of his ruperters and other minions, realise that the most recent election was devastating, particularly for the Liberal Party, insofar as they lost several safe seats to Greens and Teal Independents. They also realise that Morrison is a constant embarrassment to this party and while he is there, the nefarious nature of his activities while in government will be regularly raised. While the lying, blameshifting, pork barrelling, petulance, corruption, racism and idiocy are all well known and have been listed here before8, it is the proposed enquiries into the pandemic response and the lethal robodebt disaster which pose the greatest possible risk of embarrassment for Morrison. I suspect that the Liberals in parliament will eventually realise that Morrison should go, and will tap him on the shoulder to reacquaint him with reality. Personally, I hope he stays and that the Liberal Party gets covered in the ordure it deserves.




  • Keryn booker says:

    I feel the deal by the Morrison Gov and Astra Zeneca, around 1.7 billion . Would be a reason to be joint minister . Also aspen medical, along with Serco for home affairs . These are billion dollar deals , which I would not be surprised if someone profiteered from them . There was no transparency in any of these deals, and they should be investigated . He made himself minister not for the reasons he’s saying . He still thinks the Australian taxpayers are an open chequebook for himself . You would have to be as stupid as him if you believe anything he says , just follow the money .

    • admin says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the Robodebt RC finds something nefarious was afoot at the time. Everything Morrison does is dodgy. He is much like Trump; a malignant narcissist who is only in politics for his own benefit. Furthermore, the fact the Liberals have started screaming about how unnecessary this RC is, simply shows you how worried they are about what it will turn up. It will also be interesting to see what comes of the inquiry into the pandemic response. I would bet a fair bit of cash that it will find all sorts of ‘favours’ for mates and donors; not to mention rampant incompetence.

  • Laurie Pullman says:

    The Liberals are in an unpleasant place.

    If Morison quits parliament there will be a by election they have a serious chance of losing to another Teal.

    But by staying he bcomes a literal fart in a phone box reminding everyone what a train wreck they are.

    AAP News are reporting a disclaimer was added to the official list of ministers back in August 2018, just after Morrison rolled Turnbull and long before Covid, which suggests this was already in the works.

  • clive pegler says:

    i really don’t know why you lot, (and others), have got their knickers in a knot, he (𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘮𝘦𝘳 𝘗𝘔) was simply formalising the already existing practice he (𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘮𝘦𝘳 𝘗𝘔) & his dept exercised over other Ministers & their Ministries …. eg ‘sports rorts’ and Bridget’s Sports Ministry …. and, can only assume, others. 😀

  • Warren says:

    Admin: Personally, I hope he stays and that the Liberal Party gets covered in the ordure it deserves.

    I partly agree admin, but the fact Morrison is being paid really gets up my nose.

    Another link:

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