A letter to Tony Burke

By September 30, 2022Australian Politics, Society

I see from media reports that you voted against repealing the Andrews Bill (Euthanasia Laws Act 1997) along with some ‘luminaries’ of the coalition such as Morrison, Joyce and Tudge. I presume you did this because of your Catholicism. As I am an atheist, I do not understand why you believe it sensible to inflict your beliefs on others, especially those like me who do not share your beliefs. If you feel so strongly against the use of voluntary assisted dying (VAD), then you should never avail yourself of it. Why should you prevent me availing myself of VAD if I have a terminal illness? What business is it of yours how I end my life if I so choose? Why should you determine how long my suffering should be?

What makes your voting against the Andrews Bill repeal even more ludicrous, is the fact that if I didn’t live in the ACT, but in Victoria, your vote would mean nothing to me as I would live in a jurisdiction where VAD laws are already in operation. Discrimination based on where one lives seems to be a very strange attitude for any person to have, let alone a parliamentarian.

In all the states, Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) legislation is either in operation or will commence this year or next. Do you think this legislation is wrong? Would you, if you had the power, repeal such legislation. If not, why not?

[This was e-mailed to Tony Burke on Friday, September 30]



    Religion poisons everything.

    • admin says:

      It does. However, what astonishes me is the fact that the religious feel they have the right to tell everyone what they can and cannot do, whether it is to wear a hijab or avail themselves of VAD. It is all part of the same deal.

  • admin says:

    One hopes nobody has to go to such ridiculous extremes.

    • admin says:

      I scan it and then if it is snesible, I’ll answer. Otherwise I just ignore it. You have been rabbiting on for four months about me saying the coalition were in power for almost a decade, when numerous real journalists did precisely the same. Yet you abuse me about it, but not them. Why me and not them? Is it because I am just a blogger and an easy mark, whereas real journalists would simply ignore you?

  • Helene Walkowsky OFS says:

    I am a Secular Franciscan. I am a member of a Voluntary Euthanasia group because I strongly believe that it is up to the individual to make decisions about the own body. This counts for abortion too. I don’t like the idea of abortion BUT I have no right to tell other women what to do or not to do. . I wish that politicians would see these issues the same way. You cannot force other people to think like you do. I have chosen to live the Franciscan way, to respect all Creation and to take care of each other when needed. But there are in my view many ways up the mountain. So, accept each other’s point of view and respect each other’s rights.

  • Mark Dougall says:

    Yep, Tony has been exposed as a bit of a Burke, in fact a lot of one, on this matter. You have spent a lot of effort trying to deal sensibly with silly people recently.

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