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By November 27, 2022Australian Politics

As expected, the cookers whose favoured conspiracy theorists did not get elected in yesterday’s Victorian election have started their whining about the election process, stating that it was fraudulent. I must admit I was surprised that they didn’t simply come out with the Trumpesque ‘stop the steal’ with which their fellow cookers in the US are so enamoured. I realise that these people are exceptionally gullible, but to be so predictable, for people able to pick ludicrous conspiracies seemingly out of their fundament seems counterintuitive.

As well as importing such fraudulent election drivel from the United States, they have also used such phrases as ‘welcome to socialism’ or even ‘communism’ to describe the Andrews government. I realise that this is, for them, just a form of abuse and bears no relation to reality. However, the fact that they could use such terms which have fairly strict definitions simply demonstrates their inability to deal with that reality. Similarly apoplectic at the defeat of the Liberal Party are the Murdoch hacks from the appalling budgie cage liner, the Herald Sun, and from SkyNews. They seemed to be stunned, despite the polls from a day or so ago, indicating that this result was likely.

One online wag tried to take the piss out of the cookers, by stating that it was the Bill Gates chips inserted in people with the Covid-19 vaccine that ‘forced’ people to re-elect Dan Andrews’ government. You have to laugh.


  • Cath says:

    A brilliant summary

  • Mark Dougall says:

    Murdoch and his minions are hopefully finding their malignant influence is diminishing due to most of the younger voters probably never having read one of his foul rags, and certainly they are unlikely to watch the putrid idiocy that is Sky News. Mind you I don’t really know why anyone would do either of those things, young, old or in between.

    • admin says:

      I think that is the problem that ‘legacy media’ have. I doubt anyone under 30 reads a ‘paper’ newspaper, nor watch free-to-air television.

  • Warren says:

    Are you trying to tell me BLOT that Bill Gates chips aren’t real?

  • clive pegler says:

    “If conservatives become convinced that they cannot win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy.” i read that somewhere. 😀

    • admin says:

      Yep, it is a quote from David Frum, a US commentator. It is here:

    • Jon says:

      Already happening in the GOP in the bastion of democracy itself Clive, as you no doubt know. A few brave Republicans – particularly state reps and officials – have stood their ground under unrelenting pressure from the Trumpian power at any cost group. Even powerful party leaders like McConnell have failed to uphold previous conservative values while vigorously supporting the lying sociopath, while other wannabe’s like Ryan. McCarthy, and Cruz seem to think extremism is a great alternative to reason, ethical behaviour and lawfulness. Meanwhile Russia and China are greatly emboldened, enough to be able to interfere with USA elections without fear of condemnation or action by the hypocrites in the GOP.

  • Jon says:

    Post Vic election quote:

    “We’ve had years of Sky News and the Herald Sun people telling us we need to move to the right,” an MP said. “But the people who won were sensible and middle of the road.”

    Surprisingly, this observation was not from an ALP MP. Good news for democracy IF the view gains currency at state and federal level. Seems obvious that most Australians overall don’t like extremists, right or left.

    • admin says:

      The fact that this is stating the bleeding obvious to many, but muppets in the Liberal Party and the Murdoch media seem intent on moving further to the right, and the religious right at that, makes you wonder how far out of touch with reality they are. Personally, I hope they do move further to the right as it would see their rightful demise, quicker than I anticipated. While I realise that a healthy democracy is one that keeps us all relatively safe, I am not sure you need two major parties alternating periods in power to do so, while both accept money from big business to run their election campaigns. The duopoly has allowed the oligarchs to shape the economy for their own benefit. That has to stop.

    • Mark Dougall says:

      I’m not so optimistic Jon. There are plenty of people who have been, and are, in our various parliaments who I think are right wing extremists. I struggle to think of any left wing extremists. There is, in my opinion, a significant tendency in some parts of our community, including some parts of the media, to the far right. That is why there are so many of them in our parliament. So yes most Australians don’t like them, but a lot do.

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