[On Trump] Talented and well-practiced in every vice, a stranger to compassion or empathy, a liar and a cheat so complete in perfidy that he has elevated his dishonesty to hold it up as an ersatz moral principle, violent, so long as he can order someone else to do the dirty work, grotesque in body, graceless in action, in possession of a wounded self-regard so colossal as to smother any spark of grace, treasonous, not only to country, but to every ally he has ever had, the poisoned fruit and rankest flower of racism and contempt for women, and utterly devoid of shame for his moral and spiritual bankruptcy.
That is your leader. That is to whom you give your money. That is who you follow and laud. That is whose banner you willingly carry. Why? Because he is a mirror, not a lighthouse. You see yourselves in him. He is what you would be, if you had inherited money and could shed the last vestiges of conscience and shame.
No, I do not “respect your choices,” nor do I admire your loyalty and dedication to this miserific, demoniac vision. You have demonstrated not only a lack of civic virtue, loyalty to the Republic and to the rule of law, but a willingness to engage in violence and sedition at his slightest expressed wish. And you will never, ever admit you were wrong.
Because you see your dark, twisted, resentful dreams in him. And to renounce him is to renounce yourselves.” https://similarworlds.com/public-figures/4229795-Stable-Genius-Talented-and-well-practiced-in-every

Advocatus Peregrini


  • Mark Dougall says:

    Excellent, however the chance that any Trump supporter would read this, and understand it, is infinitessimally small.

    • admin says:

      I know it would be vanishingly small, but it may seep out into the general public, and eventually make its way into the broader consciousness.

      • Robin says:

        And it did. I just read it on Facebook and then found you here. Powerful, incisive description.

      • Joel says:

        It is seeping out. It showed up on a group email to me. I have copied it and am propelling it out into the universe like rays of energy from the sun.

      • judy kaplowe says:

        That is the finest piece of hopefulness and sunny side of the street thinking; admittedly, I have prayed for the man, asking
        that he become a better person, because, of, course, it would be to our benefit. I am so with you, however, in terms of seeping out and making its way into the broader consciousness! Ihave hoped for this for years, but am realizing that some folks don’t change, particularly when they haven’t the wherewithall to do so.

      • Jennifer Horvath says:

        I just now read it on Facebook 4/27/24 @8:10pm

    • John Summers says:

      “Rankest flower of racism ” doesn’t that title belong to Margaret Sanger who started Planned Parenthood to eliminate people of color?

    • Jacquelyn Gussow says:

      lol….no doubt right? That’s why I reposted this 😉
      I have good friends from both sides of the fence, and even though they may not always agree with me, they at least see my perspective or at least try to.
      They were there when I had to run a Covid shelter in the midst of it all.
      So I believe when I post things like this, then re-post what I just read, they will at least take the time to read it and maybe one of these days, I’ll get a convert……👆

  • Michael says:

    I teared up a little. Beautifully appropriate.

  • Jack says:

    Most intelligent, learned, concise , succinct and comprehensive profile of Covid Orange.
    Whoever you are, 82 Million THANKS for this Wise & DEFINITIVE descriptive of King Baby.

  • Daniel says:

    Hi. Your text so aptly describes our own brazilian version of Trump, Bolsonaro, that I had the temerity to translate it to Brazilian portuguese. How should I attribute the authorship to you? I await your answer eagerly, as I’m sure it will be a hit here in Brazil. We wage a bitter war against the fake news machine (I’m talking about dozens of employees managing 30-40 different fake IDs each, working every day in alternate shifts). You wouldn’t believe the lying, the eye-poking, the adulterated videos, the frankly bizarre/pornographic notions and whatnot against this essentially tepid center-a-wee-bit-to-the-left government of Lula’s. And I may be mistaken but I think people just might take to copying and pasting your text as a riposte against those orcs.

  • Phil says:

    Wow. Finally, a refuge from Hardy’s “madding crowd”. I will memorize the “Stable Genius’s” description and spread it abroad.
    Thank you for this. Read Dan Rather’s expose also on his site: “Steady”:

    My comments…”So sad. A national system to achieve steady-as-you-go justice is in jeopardy – – and the nation and its people along with it. Mr. Trump does not care, and, I suspect, does not have the moral gumption to realize that defect as a serious one. God help us all.
    Pray for divine help is all I can think of… Blessings, PJ”

  • Donna Anthony says:

    INCREDIBLY WELL WRITTEN, accurate and “sad” (to quote him) that most Trumpers would not recognize themselves in him. Thank you.

  • Frank Perron says:

    The quote leaves out, “He is clearly no stranger to the embraces of barnyard animals and domesticated pets.”

  • judy kaplowe says:

    This is the best critique of the demon, ever. Period. Amen.

  • JON says:

    Just when you thought Trump conservatives had plumbed the depths of depravity and immoral behaviour along comes yet another Republican nutter. That this person is a public official makes the behaviour even more egregious. The feckless Ms Smit appears to be a top class exponent of unintended irony with her comment about depravity and corruption.


    I can only conclude that she’s either a supporter of the extreme Heritage Foundation, an authoritarian – arguably fascist – conservative American cult which is a threat to the rule of law and normal human decency, OR she’s trying to ingratiate herself with moneyed extremists she thinks will support her.

  • I spotted the quote in the Comments by Greg C to an Independent story on Microsoft News:
    “Donald Trump goes off script in dehumanising rant at half-baked Ohio rally”
    I copied it to Post.news and linked here.
    It’s getting legs.

  • JON says:

    Just when you think the sociopath and his craven, asinine lickspittles could sink no further….
    It’s hard to find words to describe their depravity.

  • JON says:

    Agreed BA, or more generally – despotesque, because there’s any number of them across this planet.

    In better news (mainly for comedians and satirists) though…….”Nationals” (that moniker is in a close battle with “One Nation” and the “Liberals” for the least representative name for any political party in this country) senator for north dribbling Matt Canavan has apparently offered his services to the nation as ambassador to the USA should the orange sociopath somehow get another gig in the White House. Canavan, who is well known for his fabulous diplomacy and negotation skills, not to mention his unique grasp of science, is apparently held in great esteem by his peers of the nether regions – especially former leader, the great ex-northern beetrooter and Lonsdale Street icon Barnaby Joyce. Sure, there’s an infinitessimally tiny chance Canavan would be offered the post by any sane government, but there is a silver lining. As Piggy Muldoon once mused about Kiwis departing for our shores- the IQ of both countries would rise.

  • April 2024!! About a yr after a lot of comments- I just happened upon this!!! Absolute legend!!!!this is so so what this despot has become – actually – Always Was….. We Must get serious and Never Never let this hedonistic narcissist get ANYwhere near the Oval!!!!!

  • Thanks. I’m very pleased that you found it useful

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