A hard few weeks

By October 14, 2023Food for thought

It is always difficult when a close relative dies, but when they are in their late eighties and have had a good, happy life, it is not so hard to bear. One of ours died in late July and while there were many tears shed, there was a cremation and a memorial service to organise in another city, because many of her friends and family were, like her, too old to travel. So we, with her ashes, travelled to them. However, not long after that first death, a younger relative died while on her way to see her daughter and grandchildren overseas. She took ill at the airport and was rushed to hospital by ambulance and died a week later. Her daughter was able to fly out to say her goodbyes when it was obvious that her mother’s condition was dire. When the news came, I was devastated, because I have known her all my life and for an only child like me, she was the nearest person to a sister that I had. I am finding it hard to grasp the fact that she is not around any more.

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