Some days ago, one of the asylum-seekers released by the decision of the High Court after what has been called the NZYQ ruling, one Majid Jamshidi Doukoshkan, 43, was one of several people charged over an alleged home invasion and robbery in which 73-year-old Ninette Simons and her husband were attacked. Ms Simons was struck unconscious, requiring hospitalisation with head injuries, while her husband was tied up during the attack1.

Of course, the Liberal opposition stuck the boot in. Opposition Leader Peter Dutton said there was no clarity on whether Doukoshkan was being monitored or whether any attempt had been made to re-detain him. Dutton said the immigration and home affairs ministers should be out answering questions, but instead were in hiding. He continued: “The fact is they have botched this from day one and Australians are paying the price for it”, and that “the two ministers, Minister Giles and Minister O’Neil are missing in action. They should be … explaining what’s happening and apologising, and giving you an assurance it won’t happen again”1.

One of those who attacked the elderly couple in Perth in association with Doukoshkan was one Seyed Younes Tahami, who was released from detention, not by High Court decision, but by a government decision in January 2020 when Peter Dutton was the minister concerned. Tahami was released into the community after he had spent time in prison and immigration facilities, raising questions about why he was not kept in detention. There was no reason given for his release. Court records also show that Tahami was charged with a string of offences after the Coalition government released him, leading to him being fined for drug possession and driving under the influence of illicit drugs2.

Will Dutton accept responsibility for the release of Tahami? No chance. What Dutton will likely do, is keep a low profile and not answer any questions regarding Tahami’s release. Will the media let him get away with it? Of course they will. They will be distracted by the next headline grabber, and Dutton will get away without having to answer any questions as to why Tahami was released. When the media interest has died, he will resurface, whining about something else he says the government has done. This is all the Coalition has, and in this they are aided and abetted by the useless media.



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  • Mark Dougall says:

    I thought Morrison was as low as they could sink. Dutton has shown I was wrong. By thousands of fathoms.

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