Over two months ago, I was issued (dated March 8) a fine notice from the New South Wales (NSW) government, alleging I had stopped my vehicle in a taxi zone. As I noted at the time, it was incorrect, as the available image of the rear of the offending vehicle showed a Nissan with NSW registration plates, whereas my vehicle is a Mazda with Australian Capital Territory registration plates. To demonstrate their error, I uploaded a photograph of the rear of my vehicle showing that it was not the offending vehicle1.

After I contested the fine (on March 22), I received an e-mail stating that that they would aim to process my review “in less than 42 days”. Today, we went down to the letterbox after a few days’ gap because of all the time dealing with downsizing, and in the box was a letter from NSW government Revenue, dated 14 May 2024 (53 days after I lodged my review request), and signed by the Commissioner of Fines Administration, telling me that the penalty notice was incorrectly issued in my name, that they have corrected the error and that I do not “need to take any further action in this matter”.


  1. https://blotreport.com/2024/03/22/a-very-strange-occurrence/


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