The disingenuous Laura Jayes

By January 31, 2021Media, Science

On Twitter, an emergency doctor, Tariq Jenner, tweeted

“Sending solidarity to whoever the doctor is managing this incredibly distressing situation so calmly. This is what disinformation causes. Media personalities peddling this sort of absolute nonsense should be utterly ashamed of themselves.”1

Accompanying this was a 2 minute 20 second video of people trying to remove an older man from a Covid-19 ward in a UK hospital to take him home. The doctor dealing with this explained that the man needed oxygen and if they were to take him off it, he would die. The doctor further explained that the old man had “coronavirus pneumonia affecting both lungs. He’s on steroids called dexamethasone, and antibiotics to treat concurrent bacterial infection. That’s the treatment he’s on.” Th old man insisted he wouldn’t die if he went home. An idiot male family member said they had written to the hospital, saying the family were not happy with the steroids and antibiotics and they wanted to replace it with vitamin D, vitamin A and Zinc and another one he couldn’t remember. The doctor explained that “none of those are proven treatments for coronavirus; however antibiotics and steroids are.” The idiot family member then askes the doctor to “define coronavirus”. The doctor seemed amazed but attempted to explain “Sars Covid 2 2019”, and the idiot family member replied that “it hasn’t been proven to exist. It was declassified in March 19, 2020; it’s no longer a highly infectious contagious [sic] disease. At this, the doctor refused to continue the conversation and had the people removed by security. 

Laura Jayes retweeted this Tariq Jenner tweet with the following commentary:

“This is what conspiracy theories do to frontline workers. This is why we call out such bullshit that Covid-19 is ‘just another flu’”2

If only she wasn’t so disingenuous.

Laura Jayes is a Murdoch ‘ruperter’ who fronts a couple of shows on Sky News Australia. Sky News Australia, along with other Murdoch media are some of the worst science denying and conspiracy theory promulgating organisations on the planet. On Sky News Australia, the idiotic Rowan Dean and his even more idiotic sidekicks have constantly denied the reality of climate change, maintaining that it is all a huge conspiracy among climate scientists3,4. Dean also maintains that epidemiologists do not know what they are talking about and that he knows better5,6. The even more ridiculous Alan Jones also thinks he is an epidemiologist7,8, as well as a climate scientist9-11. Similar uninformed conspiracy-laden drivel emanates from Credlin and Murray.

These Sky News idiots also have been at the forefront of asserting that there was massive voter fraud in November’s US presidential election, with Dean12, Jones13,14, Bernardi15,16, and Murray17 all spreading this lie.

A semi-regular guest on the oxymoronic Sky News is Craig Kelly who states that he brings “rationality” to the ‘climate debate’. I suspect Kelly has never been rational in his life, and his utterances on climate change have reinforced that suspicion18-20, as have his efforts on Covid-19 treatments21-23. This latter bizarre crusade of his for the use of hydroxychloroquine in treating the disease, when it has been shown not to work, have led to calls for him to get the boot from parliament. It makes me wonder if he bought a shedload of hydroxychloroquine early on in the pandemic and now cannot shift it, but I digress.

Laura Jayes shows a singular disingenuousness in bemoaning the conspiracy theories that have and are costing lives all over the world, when it is the organisation she works for which spreads many of these conspiracy theories. She actually has the gall to call herself a journalist. If she was indeed a real journalist she’d call out all this egregious drivel from her colleagues, but she won’t; she works for Murdoch. The truth means nothing to these people.




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