Impending doom for Liberals in NSW?

By November 28, 2021Australian Politics

The Liberal Party has been taken over by religious nutters in Western Australia1, Victoria2  and Queensland3, and efforts are under way to do the same in South Australia4,5. There have been occasional outbreaks of loopiness in some branches of the NSW Liberal Party6, but despite this, the New South Wales branch has held out against the onslaught from the religious, as has the Tasmanian branch. However, this may be changing in New South Wales. Prime Minister Scott Morrison is now attempting to assume power to override the process of pre-selection in New South Wales so he can select his own candidates ahead of the upcoming federal election. Morrison informed the Liberal Party’s federal executive of this on Thursday, November 25th7. Morrison has done this before but only in the Hughes electorate when it was clear that the idiotic Craig Kelly was going to lose pre-selection to Kent Johns prior to the 2019 federal election8. Morrison saved Kelly’s parliamentary $211,000 per annum.

It seems that another Pentecostal, Immigration Minister, Alex Hawke, who is Morrison’s proxy, has been deliberately delaying pre-selections in NSW as a way of circumventing the grassroots plebiscites for selecting candidates. Other factions are believed to be trying to speed up pre-selections as a way of countering Hawke’s efforts. It is thought that Hawke is generating this crisis in preselection to provide an excuse for Morrison’s intervention. It has been suggested that such an intervention would favour Morrison’s and Hawke’s faction9. However, one could be forgiven for suspecting that intervention by Morrison would favour religious candidates, as he has favoured them when they enter parliament.



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