For [Scott] Morrison, words are just distracting noises that come out of a hole in his head. They are not connected to any logic or fact or principle. They are not constrained by anything he has said or done in the past, nor do they commit him to any future course of action. To expect otherwise is to make a categorical error. Morrison’s political career provides no grounds for believing that he will ever give a straight answer to any question, offer a cogent and consistent argument, explain himself in any way, or do anything he says he will do. He has never baulked at any hypocrisy, small or large. He speaks in order to make the very act of questioning him an exercise in futility, addressing no concrete reality beyond the immediate imperative to generate static. It is a form of anti-oratory: the rhetorical equivalent of avoiding an awkward conversation by starting up a leaf blower. []

James Ley


  • Mark Dougall says:

    Thank you for this. It has led me to read the whole Parable of the Amen Snorter and the Rotten Fish. I highly recommend it. I highly recommend we get rid of this PM this weekend.

    • admin says:

      I’m finding it hard to wait until Saturday

    • Jon says:

      Mr Ley has nailed Morrison’s character and the link between it, his actions, and his preferred drug – the arm-waving, prosperity-gospel based, pentecostalism.

      • admin says:

        Have you read his whole article? It is superb.

        • Jon says:

          Yep I read it thanks. Also sent the link to about a dozen friends and family, some of whom are among the uninformed, others who don’t know just how deep his hypocrisy goes.

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