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By December 5, 2022Food for thought

This feels a bit weird, and astonishes me a bit. I never thought this is where I’d be after one month short of six years; having written one thousand essays, items or articles on this blog. There were actually 1,005 published here when I posted my 1,000th, as other people had written 5 of them. When I started this, I did it at the behest of my family, as they were sick of me shouting at the television when some vacuous, entitled, halfwit politician said or did something that raised my ire at their stupidity, duplicity or hypocrisy. When it started, I had no conception of how long it would last, where it would go or whether anyone would be interested.

The first article I wrote was one on the gun madness in the United States, and it was posted on January 8th, 20171. This theme has been revisited a couple of times in the context of both the US2 and Australia3.

A second theme which turned into a series of articles was the astonishing level of corruption in the federal and state Liberal governments. When I started it, I had no idea it would turn into a series, so when the second one was posted I had to go back to the first instalment and number it4-15. It ended up comprising 12 instalments, and when the election came around it petered out, mostly because the demise of the Morrison government has emboldened the mainstream media such that they now are more likely to report such transgressions by that government.

A third theme which has interested me is the decline of religion around the world. This first manifested itself as a look at the anglophone world16, then more recently Australia17-18  and the US19 specifically.

A fourth theme related to the one above was the affect religion was having on conservative political parties, especially the Liberal Party. The takeover of some of the state branches of the Liberal Party by members of religious cults seems to be one of the factors leading to its recent walloping in state elections and the most recent federal election. When I originally wrote some of these, I didn’t know what the electoral outcome would be. This malignancy started off in Victoria20, spread to Western Australia21, Queensland22, South Australia23, 24, and finally to the Federal Liberal Party under Morrison25. It turned out to be electorally devastating for the Liberals in all of these states and finally, federally.

A fifth theme has highlighted the appalling behaviour of the Murdoch media, whose only interest is not in reporting the news, but supporting the Liberal Party26, 27. As an aside, a funny thing happened today which got me thinking about some of the stuff above. In Murdoch’s main budgie-cage liner, The Australian, the editorial seemed to be coming to the realisation that their efforts in support of the Liberal Party may be assisting in its demise28. Fingers crossed.

The sixth, and perhaps the most important theme, is that of climate change and all the idiot deniers who have prevented Australia from having a decent climate policy for almost a decade. The articles range from highlighting the stupidity of the Abbott government in replacing a working emissions reduction scheme with handouts to the big polluters  (this was simply a scheme for money laundering by giving public money to mates in large companies, in the hope that some comes back as political donations), to the list of idiotic climate change deniers in and around the Liberal and National parties29-42. It also suggests that these idiots, as well as being ignorant of science, are committing a crime and need to face justice43-44.

Despite not knowing where I was going when I started this blog, I now have a better idea of where it is headed. That is because there is so much to write about in the modern world; so much bovine excrement, so many lies, so much hypocrisy, so much injustice, and so much stupidity. I doubt my sources of ‘inspiration’ from idiot conservatives will ever dry up.


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  • Mark Dougall says:

    A thousand thanks from me.

    • admin says:

      No thanks required. My family have already thanked me enough for decreasing my shouting at the television, although the tapping on my laptop does annoy my partner a bit. I must admit it has been very cathartic, as it forces me to organise my thoughts, get together the evidence/sources, and structure the essay more effectively. That is much better than simply shouting at the television, and instead of having to explain things to people (e.g. creationists), I can just now say ‘Nope, wrong! Read this.’ and provide them with the link. While creationists will not read it, some of the less convinced may do so, and that way they can get in touch with whatever science I have used to construct the argument. It has also spilled over into my writing of scientific papers, so that I tend to be more organised, and more critical of what I (and others) have written.

  • Jon says:

    Certainly has been a good outlet for venting, as well as a very good source of information, especially about the dark underbelly of Australian politics and business. A lot of work involved so congrats on maintaining the rage. Whooda thort an old fossil fossicker could be so productive? Very glad to have made your acquaintance vege.

    We are very lucky in many ways these days, despite the many failings of social media. In the old days you’d have to have taken your soapbox down to a local gathering spot on a Sunday morning to hold forth. Those people should be enshrined in Australian history, irrespective of their topic/opinion.

    Long live the whistleblower, the honest politician, the straight cop, the honourable businessman/woman, and the decent, hard-working everyday Australian who isn’t driven by greed.

    • Jon says:

      One more (at least)
      ….the honest, without fear or favour journalist who isn’t afraid of exposing crooks, irrespective of their power and the dangers involved. You won’t find (m)any at Murdoch but Fairfax/9/The ABC and now independents have stepped up, often at personal cost.

    • admin says:

      Jeezuz, don’t mention the vege parcel wars! I need a cup of tea and a lie down, now you have mentioned that.

  • Roger Crawford says:

    Now, if you could sneak into Morrison’s In Camera Deposition and arse covering at the “Royal Commission into Robodebt”, that would be a doozy column!

  • Russell says:

    Admin, none of us need agonise further about the internicine, ultra-bizarre mode of operation of the helium balloon that is the so-called brain of one Scott Morrison, alias Scummo. Suffice to say once more that this entire country suffered four years needlessly under the leadership (bleedershit) of a morally bankrupt, mean,, falsely Christian, bull necked narcissist and sociopathic bastard who unfortunately got hold of the top political job. And of course, he surrounded himself with a ministry of smart-arse liars, crooks, fourth rate intellects and carpet baggers that has totally disgraced the halls of federal parliament. Chronic failures as policy makers, who dragged this nation’s economy and society as far as they could manage down the shit shute. A Mafia-like gaggle of grubs , the likes of which we must never tolerate getting such power in future. I hope Australians have fully learned their lesson about the Lib-Nat coalition.

    • admin says:

      Jeez, I hope that we have learned that lesson. If the Liberals stay the course they are on, which seems likely, then they are doomed. If they go the way the vacuous pillocks on SkyNews and other Murdoch static generators suggest then that demise will happen faster. Fingers crossed.

    • Jon says:

      I hope Australians have fully learned their lesson about the Lib-Nat coalition.

      Sadly, I doubt it Russell. It’s simplistic, but despite being the most incompetent and corrupt govt since WWII, and being led by the most inept, hypocritical, self-centred bigot in living memory, the two party preferred coalition vote only dropped by 3.66 % from the previous election. On top of that there was unprecedented bungling of fires, covid, and women’s issues which arguably only occurred because of Morrison’s unique benightedness and unshakeable belief in his own infallability. These things are highly unlikely to be repeated in the next 30 years imo.

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